Find Capped Wells with the Mag Pro II

Finding capped or abandoned wells can be difficult, time consuming and expensive work. Fortunately, it doesn’t have to be this way. The Mag Pro II makes it faster and easier than ever to search for and locate old, buried or covered water or oil wells. Wells that have been abandoned for a long time are… Continue Reading

Have Better Luck Finding Meteorites

It’s always fun to make a discovery, whether it’s an ancient artifact that was left behind by our ancestors, a hidden treasure that was secreted away more recently or even something from outer space. No, we’re not talking about alien spacecraft; we’re talking about meteorites that made it through Earth’s atmosphere and buried themselves in… Continue Reading

Using Magnetic Locators for Archaeology

Treasure seekers have long used metal detectors to look for buried items underneath the ground, but archeologists have long turned to magnetic gradiometers as a more useful tool for their purposes. Instead of searching for metal, magnetic gradiometers help archaeologists and history hunters look for anomalies in the magnetic field in a given area. While… Continue Reading

How a Magnetic Locator Works

One of the most important tools for utility company workers or surveyors are magnetic locators. These devices help workers locate important things buried underground, such as water valves, water meters, gas and water pipes, manhole covers, septic tanks or covered survey markers. In the right hands, these tools can greatly improve the ability of workers… Continue Reading

Tips for Performing a Sweep

The applications of a magnetic locator are almost endless, and they are used across a variety of industries to locate everything from septic tanks and water meters to hidden relics of the past. Even with available survey markers, a magnetic locator can save time and money by pinpointing the location of critical equipment. In addition… Continue Reading