Why choose a Dunham and Morrow instrument?

We’re glad you asked! Dunham & Morrow’s engineers have over 35 years experience designing and building magnetic sensing equipment for NASA’s Hubble Space Telescope and Gamma Ray Observatory, NOAA’s GOES weather satellites, as well as the US Military and US intelligence communities. We’ve taken the very same stringent standards of accuracy and dependability keeping space hardware circling the globe and built it right into your next magnetic locator. Not only are they the most sensitive and accurate locators for any need, they’re practically indestructible.

All that comes in a rugged yet lightweight, amazingly easy-to-use platform anyone can operate. No phD’s required!

We’re pleased to offer the improved DML2000-XR Magnetic Locator with more than double the sensitivity of our earlier model.

Another arrival to our impressive line of reliable, easy-to use and cost-effective instruments is the recently released, all new Mag Pro II Magnetic Gradiometer. It’s now an amazing ten times more sensitive than before!

The Mag Pro II is the ideal instrument for Archeologist, Geologist, Hydrologist, Criminologist, Meteorite or Treasure Hunter, or anyone who desires to make an accurate magnetic survey of an area of interest.

Key Features of the Mag Pro II

  • Calibrated Magnetic Gradiometer, Accuracy – 1%
  • 4 Ranges – 2000, 200, 20 and 2
  • Designed for extended field use in harsh environments
  • Operating Time – 50 hours

Lightweight and user-friendly, the state-of-the-art, Mag Pro II Magnetic Gradiometer packs all of its sophisticated electronics in an incredibly light 2-lb package. Shock-mounted sensors maintain proper sensor alignment, even when exposed to normal physical abuse.

The Mag Pro II typically provides an impressive 50+ hours of operation from a set of standard alkaline batteries.

With the Mag Pro II, you can survey a field, a meadow or a shallow-water bog in a matter of minutes and precisely locate any ferrous target such as a knife, a gun, a survey marker, a buried storage tank, or a 55-gallon drum, to name a few. Shock-mounted sensors maintain proper sensor alignment even when exposed to harsh physical abuse. The sensors are waterproof from the bottom of the electronics housing to the sensor tip so you can even perform magnetic surveys of shallow lakes and rivers.